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About the App

Advokat24 – is the first in Ukraine mobile app of online lawyer search. Now, every citizen or guest of Ukraine can exercise his/her constitutional right to professional legal assistance, guaranteed by the Basic Law of Ukraine around the clock and located anywhere in the country.

The free app database includes only lawyers who have passed the qualifying examinations, who have taken the oath, received a certificate of the right to practice law, which greatly improves the quality of the services provided.

Cost of the services provided


The App is equipped with an emergency lawyer search button,

which allows you to quickly find professional legal assistance at any time of the day and in any situation.

You can select a lawyer based on his/her specialization, rating, location relative to you, and customer feedback.

Advokat24 is around the clock legal support on your phone.

Who is the App for?

What problems do we solve:

  • Availability

    It doesn't matter where, when and under what circumstances you need help. Our lawyer is already coming to you.

  • Choice

    Now, there is no need to interview all your friends to find a good lawyer. Just use the App.

  • Safety

    The App provides an opportunity to feel safe, even if you are in another city.

  • Around the clock

    The App will help at any time to find a lawyer who is ready to help.

  • Quickness

    The App quickly finds the lawyer who is most geographically close to you, which provides emergency legal assistance.

Our benefits

Right to defence

Advokat24 is the guarantor of quick access to its Constitutional right to defense.

Only Lawyers

Only Lawyers are included in the database of the App, which improves the quality of legal services provided.


The database contains more than 45,000 professional contacts.


An application with an intuitive interface takes only 7 MB of phone memory.

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